Home is Elsewhere (2014, Emily Carr University)
This project exploring the idea of home and if it still exists in the 21st century. With globalization and our ability to move from place to place, home does not play a significant role in our lives; it becomes just a place to sleep and eat. It is no longer a place where we daydream and meditate in solitude. People nowadays have lost their connection with the space that they occupy. As an old saying says “you can buy a house but not a home”. People have lost their sense of home, but I find it in old houses that are on the edge of disappearance.

I am attracted to the empty spaces: ambiguous and abstract. They remain mysterious but give room for personal interpretation. They comment on what is hidden and what is visible. I am looking into the complex relationship between spaces and memory and I am trying to find poetry in the fundamental and most intimate places of the city - homes. These spaces reflect back to me with the unseen human intervention that become a metaphor for life and being.

I am looking for a sense of home that I have lost. I question myself: who I am and where I belong. The idea of home becomes invisible and unreachable, it remains in the memories, it remains elsewhere.